A selection of some of my work complete with details, breakdowns, and clips. More up to date material to come upon official release of projects.

Locked In

Locked In is a sci-fi, drama short film written and directed by me. It follows Olivia who is trapped in a lifeless room that keeps her protected from the outside. When Hugh appears, he is determined to get her to face her fears.

I am also responsible for the editing, VFX, and compositing of the film.

Below: Trailer anf Full Film (password upon request).


Driven Chat is an all-new automotive focused radio show, podcast and feature series brought to you by talkRADIO and NewsUK in association with Paramex Digital.

I work as a freelance compositor for the Driven Chat feature series, keying green screens, integrating 2D footage with 3D backplates, and performing roto and colour work.

Driven CHat


A supernatural story of a man who wakes in the wrong body. 

I worked as junior compositor on the short film performing tasks such as keying green screens, clean up work, 2D/3D tracking and camera projection, and 2D integration.

Below: Breakdowns examples. Password may be needed (please request).

the Inner


A girl goes on a search for her sister in the world of those amongst the rubbish.

A piece fuelled by the ever-growing issue of man created pollution and the struggles those who live on the streets must face.

An individual project with an emphasis on compositing with 2D live-action footage and assets.

A Small Search